Frequently Asked Questions

Do we need to know anything about the BYO?
YES -  The BYO information is attached to our website for you to read over and understand your responsibilities as a patron. No Red Wine or Glasses to be brought on the bus while travelling with us. (Cans are preferred) Bottles of Wine and Spirts are allowed, plastic cups will be provided for Wine Tours.

Am I Required to pay a deposit upfront?
YES - 50% of your trip's total cost deposit will be charged, which will be due after securing your booking with us.

Can we have Music on the bus?
YES - You can connect your Music to our sound system, making your own playlist is ideal prior to your event commencing.
Can I charge my Phone on the bus? 
YES - We do have Portable Chargers available on board or you can use your own. If EV Tours Portable Charger are Lost/Stolen you will be charged a Fee.
Can we Leave our Belongings/ Bags on the bus?
YES - You can leave your belongings on the bus and it will be locked up, however if something goes missing, we are not responsible for any loss or damages. To be safe keep your belongings on you.
Do we need to pay a Bond?
Depending on your booking type you maybe asked to pay a Bond. If you require to pay a Bond the Bond will be charged according to your invoice due date. Your Bond will be returned to you the day after your Tour/Charter, if the vehicle has no damages ect.
Do we need to bring Umbrellas?
We have you covered, 5 umbrellas are provided per bus for those unexpected rainy days, you’re more than welcome to bring your own also.
Do I need to organise for Tolls?
Tolls will be paid unless stated otherwise, this payment will come out after the Charter/ Tour date.
Can we Decorate the bus?
YES - Of course! you can decorate the bus as long as all items are removed before you leave your bus Tour/Charter event. Any Markings/Damages left behind on our buses, you will be charged a fee. If you have gone through our events team there is no need to worry, as all the decorating, organising, cleaning down the bus will be provided and ready for your arrival.
Are there Bins provided on the bus?
YES - There’s Bins provided on the bus and we ask that you please use them to keep the bus nice and clean.
Cleaning up after your event?
YES - The bus needs to be left in a clean and respectful manner as you found it, not a deep clean.
How in Advance should I secure my booking?
We suggest 3-6 months in advance to secure your spot and if you’re doing a tour this will help with making sure the wineries have room for your group. Less timing is acceptable, however it gives us that time to work with you, to make your event that bit extra!
Can we bring an Esky?
NO NEED! -  We will provide your group with an Esky/ water/ Ice and Plastic cups, EV Tours has got you sorted.
How Much will it cost?
Pricing varies depending on locations, number of guest, stops ect, so it’s best to fill in our enquiry form as detailed as you can to receive your quote. Or call us to speak with our friendly staff - 0424 082 144.
Do you Charge per Hour?
A short trip will most likely be charged per hour, while a long-distance trip will most likely be charged per day. For more detailed pricing information, email or call our friendly team at or on 0424 082 144.
Can I request more Storage space?
YES - We understand that some clients may need extra space for equipment, luggage, and carry-ons. Let our team know that you need more storage space, and we'll make sure to find a bus or trailer that's perfect for you.
What amenities are available on the bus?
Amenity options include, Television with DVD players, Spacious luggage bays, Overhead storage racks, PA systems, On-board water closet, Reclining seats, Bluetooth music connection and more. Our Team will go over all amenity options with you when you make your booking. 
Can we Eat and Drink on the bus?
YES - However you are responsible for cleaning up after your group, otherwise you will be charged a cleaning fee if any damages occurs to our buses.
Do I need to find bus parking prior to my trip?
NO - Our team will secure parking and staging areas for your bus(es) unless stated otherwise.


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